Our Charity Partners

We are very happy be working with two great charities this year – Autism Society of North Carolina and Dementia Alliance of North Carolina. Check out how to raise money for one of these organizations on our Charity Promotion Page and get your team up to one free registration!!

Click through to each organization’s web page to find out more.

Dementia Alliance of North Carolina

Our Mission

Dementia Alliance of North Carolina (formerly Alzheimers North Carolina) is dedicated to providing education, support and services to individuals with dementia, their families, health care professionals and the general public while raising awareness and funding for research of a cause(s), treatment, prevention and cure for Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

What We Do

Dementia Alliance of North Carolina provides family support, community education, public awareness and supports research for the prevention, cure and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders. Over 170,000 people in North Carolina are affected by Alzheimer’s and these numbers are expected to quadruple by the year 2025.

We provide assistance with information, educational programs and services to patients, their families, health care professionals and the general public. Through support groups, Helpline and networking with other nonprofits and local, state and federal agencies, additional information and care is provided.

Autism Society of North Carolina

ASNC provides advocacy, training and education, and direct care services to individuals and families in all 100 counties. Autism Resource Specialists are available to help families navigate services, provide crisis intervention, assist with early intervention and school issues, and much more. Our training department teaches autism-specific evidence-based best practices that empower individuals, families and professionals, while increasing community understanding. Finally, ASNC offers a variety of residential, recreational, vocational, and community-based direct services that teach functional communication skills, appropriate behaviour, and independent living.