Captain's Corner


Relay handbooks will be distributed to each team captain prior to the event. Team captains will be provided ample time to review the handbook and disseminate all information to his/her team.

Start Time Specifics:

Team starting times will be announced a few weeks prior to the relay start. The intent is to have each team finish in the afternoon on Saturday.  Thus, if you assume a 1:00 – 4:00 pm finish time and then calculate the average per mile pace of your team based upon each participant’s 10k time you should be able to back into an approximate start time.

Please keep in mind start times are assigned to enable a smooth flow of teams across the entire relay route, exchange zones, and finish line. Thus, teams of different paces may be mixed together in each wave, but most teams will be at a similar pace to your team.


Here are few things to help you prepare your team for the relay.  We will regularly review and update this list as needed.

Register Your Team

Register as a team captain, and then have your remaining runners register as Team Members and join your team. Details on this process are on our Registration Page.

Designate a Van Captain

The Van Captain’s primary responsibility will be to ensure each van has all the necessary supplies for the relay. See our Supplies Page for suggestions.

Keep an Email List

Keep an email list for your team and provide regular communication to them as you receive it from us.

Recruit Alternate Runners

It is highly recommended that you recruit at least 2 – 3 alternate runners as life happens and a team member may not be able to run the relay.

Arrange for Team Vehicles

Arrange for your team vehicles. Check on our Vehicle Rental Page for any available discounts for race participants.

Read the Relay Handbook

Read the Relay Handbook and share with your team. This normally comes out about 4 weeks before the event and will be available on the website.

Arrange for Lodging

Arrange for lodging, if necessary. A mid-course (after leg #12 or leg #18) hotel is nice to take a shower and nap even for just an hour or two. More information will be coming on mid-course hotel options. See our Hotels Page for more information.

Assign Legs

Assign legs to each of your runners. We have a Race Worksheet that is very helpful with this process.

Arrive Early

Ensure teams arrive at the Start at least 30 – 45 minutes prior to your assigned start time. Start times will be determined and sent out about 4 weeks before the race. They will also be available on the website at that time.