Looking for a Team?

Register as a Runner Looking for a Team

Make sure to select the ‘Runners looking for a Team’ category option


Teams are the basic element of the Tuna Run 200 and Tuna Run 70, and building a team or finding a team can be challenging. We are here to help with this. Whether you are on your own or have a small group but need some more people we have set up a special registration category for you to help you find a team.

You will be going through the normal race registration process, but you will not be paying any registration fees and you will not be signed up for the race. We will work to use the information you give us to find you a team.

We will track this information and contact willing captains with open spots with the hopes that a team will be formed. We will also use this list when registered team captains ask us if they know of any runners looking for a team (generally because someone on their team needed to drop out). If you do find a team without our help, we ask that you e-mail us at info@tunarun200.com so we can take you off our list.

Once you find a team, we will remove the ‘Looking for a Team’ registration and you will register for the race as a Team Member for the team you joined.

If you have any questions about this process or suggestions to help improve it – e-mail us at info@tunarun200.com.