Team Referral Promotion

There is a great social aspect to an relay events like the Tuna Run 200 and the Tuna Run 70. Not only do you get to spend a lot of time with your friends during the race, but you have the opportunity to meet a lot of great new people. A lot of these people will be from the same area you are from and could turn into lifetime friends.

This camaraderie with other teams is better with more teams in the race. So, the we want to get the word out to as many runners as possible. And, we want to reward you for helping out with that process.  If you refer a new team you will receive a 10% refund of the registration fee for your team.

To receive this refund here is what you need to do:


Register your team for the Tuna Run 200 or Tuna Run 70

Talk to your friends about the race and convince them to put a team together for this great event

Let us know the new team captain (name and e-mail) before the new team registers

Have the new team captain register his team


For each team you refer, your team will receive a 10% refund from the original registration fee.

The fine print for this promotion is that the team must be a new team to the Tuna Run Relay. Also, the 10% refund is off the least expensive registration – so if a full team refers an ultra team the refund will be 10% of the ultra team registration fee.


*The Team Referral, Charity and Sponsorship Promotions can be used on the same registration.  However, the maximum refund/discount your team can receive is one free registration.