Tuna Run 200 FAQ

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When will the 2016 course be finalized?

We will likely have some minor changes for the course and we will also need get permission from all of the Counties, Municipalities, and Exchange Zones. Once these things are done, we will update the Course Page for 2016. We are aiming to have it finalized and up on the website in July or August.

When will the race worksheet be available?

The race worksheet is a tool that helps teams to determine their team pace and manage their leg assignments. The 2016 version will be available shortly after the course is finalized in July or August.

When will the team handbook be available?

The team handbook will be released in September.

Is it required for runners to stay in the same rotation?

No, runners can run in any order. This gives the freedom to the team captain and members to determine the best leg assignments for all of the runners.

Do runners for a team have to run the same number of legs?

No, teams can divide the legs up as they would like. One runner could run one leg, while another runs six. However, teams generally divide them equally so all team members can get a similar experience, but it is not required.

Can a runner run consecutive legs?

No, a runner exchange must occur at each exchange zone.

Can our team use an RV?

RVs are not allowed as an active vehicle (the vehicle driving from exchange zone to exchange zone dropping off and picking up runners) during the race. No RVs are allowed to park in the exchange zone parking lots. The maximum size vehicle that can be used as an active vehicle is a standard 15 passenger van.

However, teams may use an RV as a secondary vehicle where team members rest during the race. As a secondary vehicle teams would manage the logistics of switching up runners from vehicle to vehicle at locations that are not on the course.

Can I volunteer for a charity and a team?

No, volunteers are either from a team or from a charity. Teams pay a reduced registration fee if they provide volunteers. Teams that do not provide volunteers pay an extra amount to the race to provide volunteers. We use this money to donate to charities that are able to provide volunteers for the race.

If I volunteer for a charity, how much will the race donate?

The Tuna Run 200 will donate $200 per exchange zone covered to the charity of choice of the volunteers. See the Volunteer Page for more information.