Tuna Run 70

The Tuna Run 70 Relay

Trenton to Atlantic Beach

October 20, 2018


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Limited to the first 40 teams

The Inaugural Tuna Run 70 is an amazing, one day relay adventure in which you and your friends Run 70 Scenic Miles to finish at the beach and enjoy tuna and your beverage of choice after a job well done. The Tuna Run 70 begins in the small town of Trenton, North Carolina and will join the Tuna Run 200 Relay for the last 12 legs of that race running the length of one of Crystal Coast’s outer banks from Emerald Isle to Atlantic Beach before finishing at the beach.
Early Saturday morning October 20, 2018, the first flight of teams will start their 70 mile adventure around 5:00 am. Over the next hour, additional sets of teams will depart on their journey through to the beach. Teams will begin arriving at Atlantic Beach around 1:00 pm on Saturday to conclude their Tuna Run 70 experience with the best post race party you could hope for. We will have tuna and beer and the beautiful North Carolina coast and Atlantic Ocean.
Teams for the Tuna Run 70 are generally made up of 2 to 6 people who split 12 legs. If you have a 6 person team, each person will run two legs over distances varying from 3 – 10 miles. Each team will provide support vans to drop off and pick up runners at designated exchange zones along the 70 mile route.
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